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New Seco holemaking products bring versatility and value to tapping and drilling
10/7/2014 10:00:00 AM

Fagersta, September 2014 – Seco recently expanded its selection of holemaking products by adding the new Threadmaster Tap and Seco Feedmax Universal drills to its comprehensive cutting tool portfolio. The company designed these latest products with performance, versatility and value in mind.   

With the introduction of the high-speed steel Threadmaster Tap, which is the company’s first tap product offering, manufacturers can thread holes in a wide range of workpiece types and materials. Because of its universal design, the tap also accommodates the most common thread sizes as well as reduces tooling inventory and lowers costs.

The Threadmaster Tap features a modern coating technology that enables it to achieve higher cutting data and output in steel up to 350 HB, stainless steels and cast irons when compared to the uncoated solutions typically found in this product area. The incorporation of special geometries and edge treatments optimise chip formation to provide efficient evacuation. The tool also comes in four different types of taps – spiral helix, spiral point, straight flute and form taps – so that it can produce blind and through holes, as well as accommodate the most common thread sizes and tolerances found in job shop and contract manufacturing environments.

Threadmaster Tap products are compatible with Seco’s EPB® tapping chucks, such as the new EPB 5867 tapping chuck with micro-compensation for synchronized tapping, EPB 5865 ER collet tapping chucks, EPB 5260 quick change tapping chucks and EPB 5283 quick change tapping chuck with axial compensation.

Seco Feedmax Universal drills are well suited for holemaking applications across all industry segments, especially those requiring reduced stockholding costs for low and medium batch production. The line features a multi-purpose, four-facet point geometry that provides excellent centering capability, maintains an IT8/9 hole tolerance and is easy to regrind. The drills also feature a polished AlCrN coating that offers high-abrasion resistance, toughness and good chip evacuation.     

The drills are available in diameters ranging from 3 mm to 20 mm (in increments of 0.1 mm) and cylindrical shanks with 3xD and 5xD depths of cut. The 3xD shanks are available in coolant-through and non-coolant options. Seco Feedmax Universal products are compatible with Seco’s EPB® shrinkfit holders, hydraulic chucks and high-precision collet chucks. 

When used together, the Threadmaster Tap and Seco Feedmax Universal drills establish a highly productive and versatile combination of tapping and drilling operations.

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