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Trochoidal Milling

Trochoidal millingA very efficient way to produce a slot is to use the Trochoid method. A constant circular interpolation movement is used in order to produce the required slot width.

Trochoid method
This method was developed for the production of slots in order to use HSM (High Speed Machining) technique.

There are several benefits
One of them is that a slot width larger than the cutting diameter of the tool can be machined. This means that several slot widths can be used with the same tool diameter in an efficient way. Since a small radial depth of cut is used, cutters with close pitch can be applied, leading to higher feed speed and cutting speed than with ordinary slot milling applications.

Tests have shown that it can be faster to use the Trochoid method instead of the ordinary slot milling method, since much higher cutting data can be achieved.

A special software program has been developed to simplify the programming. By inserting some parameters into the software you will have a complete CNC-program ready for use. This application can be switched between 10 languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Thai

Before use be sure that you select Medium Security level in excel as this application is using excel macros.