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SMG v2

Comprehensive and concise cutting data

Seco has significantly expanded and simplified its SMG classification system for workpiece materials and their corresponding cutting data. Now known simply as SMG v2, the system originally derived its name from an abbreviation for Seco Materials Group. The updated system now supports advanced cutting tool materials as well as the latest ones used for today’s workpieces, thus providing a quick, easy and valuable reference guide.

The SMG v2 presents its extensive materials coverage in a clear and logical structure, making the search for specific cutting data effortless. As a new and special data tool, the SMG v2 will prove the basis for successful optimisation of metalcutting operations and gains in productivity.


  • Created with the knowledge and expertise needed to understand complicated interactions between the cutting tool and workpiece in machining operations
  • Simplified, understandable cutting data chart format runs common across all Seco product catalogues
  • Precise workpiece material categorisation based on types, capabilities and characteristics rather than relative levels of machinability
  • New data display format makes charts applicable to all tool types and includes cutting tool recommendations
  • Information contained in SMG v2 is applied consistently across all Seco support materials



  • Expanded coverage encompasses advanced tool materials such as PCBN, PCD and ceramics
  • Wider range of workpiece material classifications for steels, cast irons, non-ferrous, super alloys, titaniums and other hard / difficult materials, as well as plastics, composites and graphite
  • Color-coordinated groups indicate ISO classification and fine-tuned SMG subsections
  • Comprehensive cross-reference list indicates where a material may appear in different SMG groups due to how the material has been processed – e.g. annealed, quenched and tempered for through hardening, etc.
  • Each SMG category includes details on a reference material that the user can refer to in order to determine whether the cutting data should be adapted for their specific application



  • Gain more accurate and precise cutting data
  • Select the right tools and their proper cutting parameters per workpiece material for optimised machining operations
  • Work with logical and readable classification charts in common formats used across all Seco cutting tools
  • Easily access a wide range of workpiece materials listings supporting today's new advanced cutting tools
  • Quickly classify individual workpiece materials into their appropriate groups to easily obtain cutting data