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Technical Education (STEP)

Expand your knowledge and release hidden productivity with the Seco Technical Education Programme (STEP).


The rate at which people and organisations learn and apply new technologies usually lies far behind the actual pace of development.  Many companies in our industry use machining techniques and tooling systems that have been superseded. 

The result - an increase in the so called "technology gap" which has a detrimental effect on a company's ability to compete and a productivity often falling well behind that which is possible.

What do you get with Seco Technical Education Programme (STEP)?
• Substantial productivity increases resulting in improved profits
• Reduced waste of tooling
• Shorter machining time through optimisation
• Increased production capacity
• Improved competitive position
• Greater employee satisfaction. 

What do we offer?
We offer many different classes under the STEP system, many of which are “hands-on”. Some of the popular classes include:

• Basic physics of the metal cutting process
• Tool deterioration, best practices
• Cutting geometries, best practices
• Milling Techniques, best practices
• Machinability and workpiece material properties
• Next STEP, the practical link between metal cutting technology and production economics