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Hydraulic chucks

Hydraulic chucks are a relevant solutions for HSM applications and offers high run-out precision (max. 3µm at 3xD). Very easy-to-use, the tool is clamped using one single pressurizing screw.  that provides high run-out precision.

Fine balanced as standard, hydraulic chucks can reach rotation speeds upto 40.000 rpm. Other advantages: the stop end screw allows you to set easily the projection of your tool, while reduction sleeves, acting as a split collet, allow to grip more shank sizes and types (eg. Weldon and Whistle Notch).

Seco Hydraulic chuck, type 5834How does it work? An internal piston pressurises hydraulic fluid into a chamber surrounding the holder bore. The high pressure is uniformly applied to grip 360° around the tool shank. Cutting tools are held with excellent precision. The bore has a helical groove where dirt, oil or grease can collect when it has inadvertently been left on the tool shank.

Hydraulic chucks are available with HSK-A, HSK-E, DIN, BT, Graflex and Seco-Capto machine side connections.


With the introduction of 16-mm and 25-mm EPB 5835 hydraulic chucks, Seco rounds out this line of proven, reliable toolholders. The new diameters provide the perfect fit for every application, eliminating the need for a reduction sleeve, improving access to the workpiece and increasing precision.

While conventional chucks can only tolerate the low radial forces of finishing operations, high-performance, robust EPB 5835 hydraulic chucks perform both roughing and finishing operations with minimal runout. EPB 5835’s short, strong design provides high rigidity and the holders’ high transmittable torque make them an excellent choice for high-volume machining.


• Available in 12, 16, 20, 25 and 32 mm diameters
• Compatible with HSK-A63, HSK-A 100, BT TF40 and TF50, DIN TF40 and TF50, and Seco-Capto™ C6 and C8


• Increased strength and rigidity
• High transmittable torque
• Maximum tool performance and productivity
• Runout of 4 μm maximum at 3x ø