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Tooling Systems

Seco has toolholding systems for all leading machine tool interfaces. The toolholder is an important link between the machine spindle and the cutting tool.

A complete range of holding systems is available in modular and solid styles;for the best possible flexibility and precision. Monobloc, modular, collet systems, hydraulic holders and Shrinkfit clamping. Connection to all leading machine tool spindle interfaces in ISO, DIN, BT and Seco-Capto standards.

Discover the following tool holding systems:


Key benefits with the Seco patented Steadyline vibration damping shell mill holders are increased productivity, improved surface finish and longer tool and spindle life.


Originally designed for large production volumes in turbine blade and bucket component manufacturing, multi-spindle machines can now be used for smaller batch sizes too.

Shrinkfit holders Shrinkfit holders
Shrinkfit holders combine very low run-out, holding strength, rigidity and fine balancing which makes them a relevant 'high speed machining' solution for all kinds of application.
ER10 ER10
The ER-10µm is a universal tool that offers great
flexibility and run-out precision: with one holder and a set of collets, the user can clamp a complete range of holders.
EPB 5672 EPB 5672
With a run-out under 3µ at 3xD and a very strong transmittable torque, the EPB 5672 is a high precision, universal collet chuck that will delight the most demanding users.

Solid holders. There are two HSK hollow shank taper ranges (HSK-A and HSK-E) and three SA steep angle' ranges (DIN 69871- BT - CAT V).


Combimaster is a two-piece milling cutter system with a wide range of shank types, lengths and interchangeable cutter heads.


Graflex holders are available with main front end types similar to Monobloc holders. Adjustable drill holders and rotary coolant inducers are only available with a Graflex connection for high flexibility.

Easyshrink 20

The EasyShrink devices achieve fast and economical shrink grip and shrink release options for all shank material types (carbide, heavy-metal, steel, HSS).

Talk to Seco Tools before equipping your machining centre!