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Seco Point™

What if one single solution could make the difference between average and fantastic results, waste and control or even loss and profit?

In order to be truly competitive in the modern marketplace, you need to take control of production and stock, making sure that the amount of money spent is put to maximum use. To help you get this competitive edge, Seco has developed the SecoPoint concept.

SecoPoint's efficiency has helped our customers increase their competitiveness immensely and hence made it the market leader for point of use systems.

SecoPoint provides all the means you need to optimize your stock, reduce your costs and a whole lot more. SecoPoint makes sure that your production never is halted due to tool loss or low stock levels.

This functionality is available to you directly and automatically. With SecoPoint, you configure the information you need, once. After that, just sit back and observe the system doing what it does best; saving you time and money.

The reports generated will prove that the system truly does what we claim. The typical SecoPoint installation usually cuts your tool consumption costs in between five to ten percent, immidiately upon installation.

Contact your local sales representative for more information about Seco Point!