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Our new R220.88 cutter meets today’s needs for an economical near 90-degree face milling solution via eight cutting edges per insert. Incorporating an 88-degree lead angle provides the ability to machine close to sidewalls, fixture clamps or other obstacles in the machining process. This feature also allows for high DOC capabilities with a smaller I.C. insert to enhance the cutter’s economy.

The R220.88 with SNMU inserts is available in two different insert sizes, 12mm and 16mm. The cutter is available in a right-hand version as standard, with the flexibility of an insert that can be used in left-handed versions in a special cutter body. This allows integration into systems with dual spindles performing simultaneous cutting.

Designed for roughing and semi-finishing applications, the R220.88 is ideal for machining cast iron and steels in the general machining and automotive segments. The cutter body is made of Idun material, which offers strong performance and is environmentally friendly due to the elimination of the nickel coating process. An integrated wiper flat ensures a good surface finish in semi-finishing operations. The positive M10 geometry addresses various demands in the machining process for both size 12 and size 16. The MD13 geometry offers heavy edge protection for size 12, while the MD16 provides the same benefit for size 16.


• Diameters from 50 mm to 160 mm (2" to 6") as standard
• Max DoC: 9 mm (0.354") for size 12 and 13 mm (0.512") for size 16
• Insert geometries: M10, MD13, MD16
• Insert grades: MK1500, MK2050, MP1500, MP2500, MS2500 and F40M
• Neutral insert that can be used in right-handed or left-handed cutters.
  Left-handed cutters available only as special.


• Eight cutting edges per insert for economical face milling solution
• Integrated wiper flat for improved surface finish
• Optimised geometry and grade for steel and cast iron
• Environmentally friendly Idun cutter body with no nickel coating process