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335.19 Disc Milling Cutter

Strong performance in disc milling

Seco’s approach to disc milling is to offer the widest range of inserts andcutter bodies in the industry to address all types of applications, from small batch to mass production. Most recently, the company redesigned its inch range of 335.19 disc milling cutters to include all the latest modern features.

Cutter Features

Designed for all disc milling applications, including slotting, sawing, circular interpolation and back facing, the revamped 335.19 inch range features a hardened steel 44 HRc cutter body for high precision, long body life and resistance against deflection. The cutter’s new reinforced pocket seat design allows for higher cutting data, increased stability and less deformation, while the optimised chip space on the cutter body ensures proper chip evacuation and reliable processes.

Product overview:


  • Hardened steel 44 HRc cutter body and reinforced pocket seat ensure precise slot width, stable operation and higher metal removal
  • Optimised chip space on cutter body prevents jams to ensure a reliable machining process
  • Supported by comprehensive SNHQ insert range providing: 4 cutting edges inserts, a full range of corner radii, an integrated wiper flat for fine surface finsish, and the ability to generate a slot with a flat bottom

Range overview:


  • Diameters from 2" to 10"
  • 3 connection types – replaceable end, shell end and disc type
  • Full range of corner radii from .008" to .24"
  • Width of cut from 5/32" to 1/2" with 6 insert sizes
  • Full range of insert geometries and grades to address all applications


  • Interface precision for stability and a run-out of approx. 10 microns
  • Elimination of regrinding and reduced costs through exchangeable inserts
  • Increased tool life and better chip evacuation due to through-tool coolant
  • Application versatility through diverse insert and shank selection
  • High surface finish and closer tolerances via high accuracy and reduced vibrations