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Disc Milling

The cornerstone of Seco's approach to disc milling is to offer the widest range of inserts, cutter bodies, and attachment types in the industry.

When it comes to disc milling, we’ve long offered the widest selection of inserts, cutter bodies and attachment types in the industry — and our new 335.14 and 335.16 product lines further prove it. We also go out of our way to expand our existing disc milling cutters, most recently our 335.25 line, to keep pace with the natural progression of the marketplace.

Whether you perform grooving, sawing, T-slotting, copy milling, back facing or helical interpolation, you’ll find our complete selection of disc mill cutters, which now spans eight product lines, has what it takes to bring increased productivity and profitability to your parts, regardless of the industry segments you serve.


NEW 335.14

• Small-diameter cutters with exchangeable carbide head systems
• Ideal for groove milling, circlip grooves, full radius profi les and top and bottom chamfering
• Versatile, precise cutting profi le easily tackles any type of material and operation
• Reliable exchangeable head system controls machining costs

NEW 335.16

• Cutter features optimised for demanding T-slot operations, including specifi c insert staggering and design that provides room for optimal chip forming and evacuation
• Inserts with four cutting edges provide economical slotting operations
• Modern insert geometries reduce machining forces and noise
• Nickel coating provides extended cutter body life and prevents chips from sticking to it
• Centralised coolant channels assist in eff ective chip removal


• New cassettes for 16-mm and 20-mm round insert diameters
• Ideal for applications involving full and half side and face milling operations with large corner radii
• Exchangeable cassettes ensure long, reliable cutter performance
• Inserts with at least four cutting edges help reduce the cost per part
• Insert geometries provide freer cutting operations in any type of material
• Design provides room for chip forming and evacuation to ensure troublefree operation and enhanced productivity




• Cutter diameters from 9.7 mm to 34.7 mm (0.38" to 1.36")
• Cutting widths from 0.7 mm to 5.15 mm (0.027" to 0.20")
• Exchangeable heads with three or six teeth
• Wide selection of cylindrical shanks made of steel and carbide
• Integrated collet chuck shanks also available


• Cutter diameters from 25 mm to 50 mm (0.97" to 1.84")
• Cutting widths from 11 mm to 21 mm (0.38" to 0.82")
• Cutter sizes based on standardised T-slot dimensions
• Standard stocked inserts in LNKT or SPMX
• Wide selection of insert geometries and grades


• Cutter diameters from 100 mm to 315 mm (4" to 12")
• Cutting widths from 13.5 mm to 32 mm (0.53" to 1.25")
• Regular and extra-large cassette sizes
• Accepts 16-mm and 20-mm round insert diameters
• Wide selection of insert geometries and grades
• Precise, easy and reliable system to adjust cassette width
• Shell or arbor type connections


• Standard stocked disc milling solution
• Trouble-free operation
• High productivity
• Optimised tooling costs


For further information please see catalogue / Machining Navigator Update 2016-2 pages 12-41.

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