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Seco would like to introduce the Holemaking concept which envelopes Drilling, Reaming and Boring.

We know your application is unique, your workpiece material carries special demands, your manufacturing process is custom designed and your hole requirements are individualised.

So what can we do to help? We will listen and understand. We will put our R&D, metal cutting expertise, experience, know-how, troubleshooting, service and support at your disposal. Did we forget something? We will provide world-class holemaking tools in order for you to achieve the best productivity possible.

• Solid carbide drills: Seco Feedmax™
• Exchangeable tipped drills: Crownloc®
• Indexable insert drills: Perfomax®

With optimised coatings, tip geometries and insert designs, these drills offer high quality holes and high productivity for all types of applications and workpiece materials.
Diameter range 2-85 mm (inches: .079-3.5).

• Exchangeable head reamers: Precimaster™
• Indexable reamers: Bifix® and Precifix™

These high quality, easy-to-use reamers are perfect for high performance machining and large batch production. Optimised cutting grades and geometries offer high productivity in all types of materials.
Diameter range 4-60 mm (inches: .1574-2.362).

Boring heads

• Roughing
   - Rough boring heads: A750
• Finishing
   - Fine boring heads, AxiaBore® A760
   - Fine boring heads, radial type A780 and A790
   - Fine boring heads, Liteline™ A780..L
• Large diameter rough and fine boring
   - Bridge bar boring heads A731S0x0
   - Jumbo bridge bars A73100x

Seco EPB boring heads cover the entire 0,3-2155 mm (inches: .012-84.843) diameter range. These tools achieve positioning accuracy, hole diameter precision and flexibility.
Diameter adjustment is possible down to 2.5µm (inch: .0001)