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Improved Supply Chain

Looking to improve your supply chain? Who isn't? Reports on consumption, stock levels, costs etc are some important factors in achieving a functional, successful production chain.

In the spirit of helping our customers wherever possible, we have the solution to your supply chain challenges; SecoPoint. A secure, point-of-use, tool dispenser. The system monitors every transaction through individual user ID’s entered on a touch-sensitive screen every time a tool is removed or returned to a compartmentalised drawer.

For high volume products, we offer “Supply-Bay,” a coil-fed cabinet dispenser. Both this system and SecoPoint can be configured as stand alone dispensers or connected to work together. Stock information from both systems is automatically recorded and relayed to SupplyPort, a web-portal that stores information on a secure off-site server.

From the information gathered by SupplyPort, a number of reports can be easily generated via a web browser, with no additional software or hardware.

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