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Reduce Your Costs

In today's demanding world, reducing costs and improving lead times are problems experienced by many businesses.

Seco®'s extensive experience within the global metal cutting environment has lead to the development of a system that enables measurement, control, and management of manufacturing processes.

The system is called PCA (Productivity and Cost Analysis). Using PCA, we take a wider view of your manufacturing methods, focusing not just on the cost of tooling, but at the total cost of production. Using PCA, we can evaluate a single machine tool process or the complete path a workpiece takes on its journey through a manufacturing plant.

The latter takes bottlenecks or restraint operations into consideration, where more in-depth studies are necessary. The PCA software provides a comprehensive report with both process information, such as tooling and cutting data, and cost information such as cost per part, output per hour, tool consumption and investment cost.

Typically, reports that have been conducted for a number of years in a wide  range of different industries have shown reductions in total costs of 15-30% with improvements in productivity of up to 40%. The PCA analysis is always performed by a qualified Seco® representative.