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Our employees

A few of Seco's employees give their personal view of the company below.

How do you apply Seco's shared values in your daily work?

One example is that I always try to gather information from my colleagues before I make a decision. Seco's open and friendly work climate plays a cruical role in this respect, facilitating the efficient internal dissemination of new ideas and know-how. I also believe that it is important to always respect each other and our customers.

Patridge Wang, Head of IT and Marketing in Shanghai, China. 12 years at Seco.


What makes Seco a good place to work?

Seco is a company that lives up to its values, is clear in its communication and is responsive to its customers and employees. As part of my job, I work with exciting events and connecting our customers and employees. This creates a family spirit and personal commitment, which benefits us all!

Koni Sarkisian, Receptionist and Coordinator in Troy, USA. 39 years at Seco.


How would you describe Seco in your own words?

Seco is a friendly and open company with a multitude of global possibilities. Passion is also a central word for me, since it is something I feel every morning when I come to work. All of our shared values are alive and well in the company, something that is not only noticeable in my job but also throughout the organisation.

Marcel Aarts, Head of Research and Development in Lottum, the Netherlands. 15 years at Seco.


What are Seco's greatest future challenges?

The Indian market is forecast to undergo a certain degree of turmoil and the pace of growth in many industries is expected to slow. Despite this, we have not seen any indications of a decline in sales at Seco. We are thus trying to convince our managers that the negative forecasts are exaggerated and that we will continue to outperform the market. Today, we have a 12-per cent market share, meaning that there is still 88 per cent out there for us to capture.

Shailaja Jadhav, IT in Pune, India. Three years at Seco.


What are you expectations of a career at Seco?

I hope that the training programme will be an educational experience and a solid start to an exciting job in a fantastic company. I will hopefully have the opportunity to travel, both as part of the training programme and in a possible future career within Seco.

David Greneby, Production Engineer, Arboga, Sweden. One year at Seco.