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Quality for Growth

Seco shall offer products and services in the area of cutting tools that complies with the expectations of our customers.

Quality in everything we do is a high priority for Seco. Seco’s global ISO 9001 certificate demonstrates a solid foundation for quality activities and objectives within the group.
The integration of subsidiaries into our global ISO 9001 certificate continues. This integration is a part of Quality’s contribution to the new world wide processes initiative, the goal of which is improving businesses across the group.

Who is responsible for quality within Seco? The natural answer is: every single employee!  Recently, employees in Sweden have participated in quality training directed toward gaining a greater understanding of our customers’ experiences and expectations of our products and services.

Seco's continuous improvement program, “LIFE” (Little Improvements From Everyone), sharpen each employee’s commitment to the objectives of reliability and responsiveness.


Seco Tools provide products and solutions for the metal cutting industry. Our main focus is on customer productivity and building strong customer relations.

Quality means to us that each and every one of us is responsible for the quality of our own work.

Satisfied Customers

  • Our products and services will be of such high and consistent quality that we always satisfy the stated and implied expectations of our customers, both internal and external.
  • We are seen as leaders.


Zero Defects

  • Zero Defects is our guiding principle in everything we do.
  • Our approach for achieving this is to be proactive and act through preventive actions.
  • We will take corrective action when non-conformance occurs.


Value-added processes

  • We aim to increase efficiency and optimize our processes in order to raise the productivity in our own and our customers operations.


Continual Improvements

  • Objectives, goals, plans and activities to improve our quality are an integral part of our operation.