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Green fund for investments in environmental projects

Seco’s green investment fund was launched in January 2012. The fund was created to generate the financial resources required to fulfill Seco’s environmental targets.

For each tonne of carbon dioxide generated in conjunction with product shipments to and from Seco’s distribution hubs or in conjunction with business travel by airplane, SEK 400 is allocated to the green fund. The allocated funds are used for environmental investments, focusing primarily on measures and projects that sustainably reduce Seco’s carbon emissions and negative environmental impact.

The fund is designed so that investments can mainly be made in environmental activities initiated by Seco, but also in activities being implemented by external players.


All green fund investments are managed in accordance with Seco’s general investment process. If an environmental investment fulfills the requirement for long-term financial return, it is carried out through Seco’s ordinary investment fund. Should an investment not meet the requirements of the ordinary investment fund, the money in the green fund can be utilized on the condition that the investment will help Seco to reduce its impact on the environment.