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Occupational health and safety

To ensure that all employees, regardless of location, can rely on the same level of safety, all companies within Seco work according to the same policy and procedures. The objective is to reduce work related accidents and illness.

Seco’s Environmental, Health and Safety policy states the following:

“Operations are to be pursued in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of our employees.”

To further strengthen this approach, Seco Tools has chosen to implement, an Occupational Health and Safety management system at all its units. The model of this management system is “OHSAS 18001” and the goal is that all units within Seco shall be certified, in accordance with this standard. The final aim is to obtain concrete results in accordance with our policy and to improve work-related safety for employees, reduce work-related sick leave and also improve the Seco brand as a socially- responsible employer


Our perpetual goal is to increase the safety level. To reach this global goal, we have to focus on the main risks that we have identified, and define targets to reach that which will help us to achieve our global goal.

Reduce number of work-related accidents

  • Not to exceed 3 accidents per 1 million working hours as an average in the group (LTIFR).

This indicator shows our global health and safety performance

Cobalt exposure

  • Measure and take actions for cobalt exposure according to the Seco Hard Metal procedure. Reducing cobalt exposure is an important factor in achieving the global goal.

Decrease exposure from chemical products

  • Define global chemical risk evaluation tool for Seco Group.
  • Use evaluation model to generate common identification of products with highest risk for staff exposure.
  • Minimize amount of substances on Candidate list (from ECHA).