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Sustainable Growth

In brief, the environmental work of Seco AB involves making continual improvements aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our operations and products. Seco strives for high efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources in accordance with the Reduce-Reuse- Recycle principle.

Our aim is to assist our customers in their strive to improve their environmental performance. Determined hard work has enabled us to obtain ISO 14001 certification for all our productions and distribution units.

In practice, this involved in-depth environmental studies, training of employees and clear routines. Seco AB has overall environmental targets aimed at reducing the environmental impact from waste, chemical products, energy consumption and transport. Annual global environmental objectives focus activities on the essential environmental areas. As a result, the environmental impact and the risk of environmental accidents have been reduced.

In the development of our products and processes, we take the environment into account. Worn-out inserts and tool holders can obviously be recycled.

All packaging comprising paper, corrugated cardboard, rigid plastics and non-rigid plastics are recycled.

Seco AB cooperates closely with suppliers and customers in matters related to the environment. Our Environmental and Quality Department is always willing to assist if questions in environmental matters should arise.

Our certified environmental management system, certified in 2006, has been used to improve our work with environmental issues and to reduce our environmental impact. Sins 2007 all units in the Seco group were visited in order to monitor results and develop the efficiency of systems.
Development and monitoring of the system is an important and ongoing work.

Seco Tools Environment, Health and Safety Policy

Seco Tools is a global industrial group with advanced products and world leading position in development, manufacture and distribution of metal cutting solutions.

This Policy covers employees, contracted workers and visitors to Seco Tools facilities. It includes internal activities, and the products and services we provide to the market place. We will implement the Seco Supplier Code of Conduct to influence our suppliers to achieve the same standards.


Seco Tools commits to minimize the environmental impacts from its activities. We will strive for high efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources. We will also promote systems for reuse, recycling and recovery of materials and work to prevent pollution and other environmental harm.

Healt and Safety

Seco Tools will strive to provide healthy and safe workplaces. We will continue to reduce injuries and illness and involve our employees in health and well-being activities.

Legal compliance
Seco Tools will continue to take a systematic approach to comply with or exceed applicable environmental, health and safety legal and other requirements.

Continual Improvement
Environment, health and safety issues will be fully integrated into Seco Tools operations and we will achieve continual improvement through management by objectives and implementation of preventative actions. 

We will achieve this Policy by developing a strong environmental, health and safety culture and establishing best practice standards across the company.