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Sustainable Business

Seco’s responsibility encompasses the following dimensions: financial, environmental and social responsibility. This represents a fundamental condition for successful operations. Seco’s active responsibility and endeavor to always act globally but work locally reflects its business.


Seco’s Code of Conduct is founded on the organisation’s financial, environmental and social responsibility. It governs how Seco should act as a responsible employer, member of the community and business partner, and is also a natural part of work with the Group’s suppliers. The Code of Conduct encompasses all employees across the globe. The Code of Conduct has been translated into the languages of all countries where Seco has operating subsidiaries and is available se link.


The company’s financial responsibility is based on Seco’s commitment to creating added value for its customers, employees and other stakeholders who influence or are affected by its operations. This is achieved through the profitable provision of productivity-enhancing and high quality products and services in the international market.


Seco strives for high efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources in accordance with the Reduce-Reuse- Recycle principle. To a large extent, the Group uses systems for recycling and recovery of materials and works to prevent and minimize pollution.
Environmental management is an integral part of total operations and is governed by a number of environmental goals that are updated yearly and monitored through internal and external audits.


Seco endeavors to ensure a safe and healthy work environment with equal terms and opportunities for all employees. The enterprise should be perceived in a consistent manner, no matter where in the world operations are conducted. Meanwhile, with global operations that span both cultural and geographical boundaries, it is important to be responsive to local conditions. Therefore, good relations with the local community are crucial for Seco’s long-term success. “ Seco’s responsibility encompasses the following dimensions: financial, environmental and social responsibility”.