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The basis for efficient solutions

Customers are increasingly demanding tailored solutions. This is because such solutions often yield a range of benefits for the customer, such as improved productivity, lower costs and higher capacity utilization.

Another reason is that more and more customers are conducting production activities in several different countries. Many customers thus want to develop solutions centrally and ensure that these function effectively, to subsequently establish the solutions at their various production facilities around the world.

Seco offers a range of custom solutions, from modifications of standard products to total solutions that may include tools, planning, production processes, logistic flows, training and so forth.

To satisfy customer demands for solutions, extensive competence in tools, machines and processes is a necessity. Such competence exists to a high degree within Seco and the Group work continuously to further develop and strengthen this competence.

The extensive talent existing in various parts of the company benefits individual customers through internal global networks of specialists comprising employees from various subsidiaries with specialist knowledge in certain segments. The networks enable Seco to interact with customers at two levels: through local technical sales representatives and via global specialists.