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Customer Closeness

Seco’s production is spread across the globe. Thanks to its standardized production methods, much of the range can be manufactured at several different facilities without compromising on quality. This flexibility enables Seco to rapidly adapt its production to fluctuations in demand.

The Group’s global production structure also ensures that it comes closer to its customers. Seco can currently reach all of its customers within 24 hours through one of its four distribution hubs situated in Belgium, the US, China and Singapore.

To enable the delivery of efficient total solutions, this competence must be combined with an in-depth under-standing of the customer’s business. This level of understanding can only be achieved through customer closeness. This closeness is achieved by having a large number of sales representatives with high technical expertise on-site at the customers’ production facilities and by establishing long-term customer relationships that are developed over time. Customer closeness is also a crucial part of the Group’s product development. Direct contact with customers is essential for optimal use of R&D resources.